Nordic and German pathways towards a low carbon transition - How will innovation shape the future?

Join our live discussion with guests from the Nordics and Germany about how innovation can accelerate the low-carbon transition on September 11th!

The European Union wants to become the first climate neutral continent, anchored in the EU Green Deal. The transition towards a low carbon future that describes the process from a high and low carbon energy to an exclusively low carbon energy, requires bold thinking and innovative solutions. However, the rate of change currently underway is insufficient to avert the worst effects of climate change, and we cannot afford to wait for unproven technologies to mature. But we do not only need rapid adaptation in innovation in technology, but also in policy, business models, consumption or finance mechanisms.


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Watch the webinar recording here!

The Nordic countries take a pioneering role by setting ambitious targets that exceed the requirements of the EU Green Deal. Together, they want to become the world's most sustainable and integrated region until 2030 that is green, competitive as well as socially sustainable. Faced with an impending climate crisis, the Nordic countries demonstrate their active support for global climate ambitions and set an example: in 2019, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark signed the Declaration on Nordic Carbon Neutrality, committing to work towards a carbon-neutral region. Germany wants to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.

In this panel discussion we want to explore the question how innovation will shape our future and enable low-carbon pathways towards a carbon neutral continent. Therefore we invited experts from Germany, Sweden and Finland that work with innovation and future questions and sustainable development. The event will be moderated by Priscila Schelp.
We welcome you to join our live discussion on Zoom and YouTube! A recorded version of the discussion will later be shared on the KAS Nordic Countries Project YouTube channel and the Project’s Facebook page. As a part of the Conference of Europe, we would like to hear your questions and comments during the panel discussion!

You will find the KAS Nordics YouTube channel here.
You can sign up for the Zoom event here.
The event is co-organized by scholarship holders of Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation (KAS) and the KAS Nordic Countries Programme.


14:00 Keynote

"Global Climate Policy and Decarbonisation in Asia"

Dr. Christian Hübner, Head of the Regional Program Energy Security and Climate Change Asia and Pacific (KAS)

14:30 Panel discussion with Q&A

- Heinrich Strößenreuther, Founder, Chairman and Spokesman on Transport Policy, Climate Union, Christian Democratic Union, Germany

- Janne Peljo, Project Director, Climate and Nature Solutions, Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, Finland

- Dr. Marco Schletz, Researcher, Data-Driven EnviroLab; Advisor, Blockchain for Climate, Denmark/Germany/USA

- Jay Hennessy, Senior Project Leader: Mission Innovation's Net-Zero Compatible Innovations Initiative and AI Trend Scanner; Researcher at RISE, Sweden

Moderation: Priscilla Schelp, independent moderator


16:00 End of the event

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Zoom and the KAS Nordics YouTube channel


  • Dr. Christian Hübner
    • Head of the KAS Regional Program Energy Security and Climate Change Asia and Pacific
  • Priscila Schelp
    • Heinrich Strößenreuther
      • Founder
      • Chairman and Spokesman on Transport Policy
      • Climate Union
      • Christian Democratic Union
      • Germany
    • Janne Peljo
      • Project Director
      • Climate and Nature Solutions
      • Sitra
      • the Finnish Innovation Fund
      • Finland
    • Dr. Marco Schletz
      • Researcher
      • Data-Driven EnviroLab
      • Advisor
      • Blockchain for Climate
      • Denmark/Germany/USA
    • Jay Hennessy
      • Senior Project Leader: Mission Innovation's Net-Zero Compatible Innovations Initiative and AI Trend Scanner
      • and Researcher at RISE
      • Sweden

    Leonie Schiedek