Philippine Ocean Governance

Policy Workshop

The policy workshop aims to gather all major policy actors and stakeholders to discuss the policy implications of various issues and problems surrounding the competing claims in the West Philippine Sea. The workshop will give a panoramic view of how the current implementation of the law is perceived to function and the desired end point, as well as the different perspectives and interests of relevant stakeholders, and possible proposals for reforms on relevant policies.


Philippine Ocean Governance Event Poster
Philippine Ocean Governance Event Poster
The workshop will bring together major policy actors and stakeholders to answer policy questions about various issues and problems with the use of appropriate mind mapping tools and techniques used in policy analysis. The policy areas of National Marine Policy 1994 (NMP) will serve as the framework for understanding the issues and problems. The outputs of the workshop will be forwarded to the major policy-making bodies of the country for their consideration in their mission to pursue the nation’s marine and coastal interests particularly the National Task Force for West Philippine Sea.
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Philippine Ocean Governance: Policy Workshop
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