The Geopolitics of Philippine Politics

The Philippine Political Science Association, in partnership with the KAS Philippines, will launch a series of online seminars that will run from August to October 2020.


The Geopolitics of Philippine Politics
The Geopolitics of Philippine Politics

Dr. Alfred McCoy is a historian who specializes in the history of the Philippines, foreign policy of the United States, and European colonization of Southeast Asia. He has written extensively on these subjects for the last thirty years.

He was Director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin. He received the Yale Graduate School Alumni Association Wilbur Cross Medal in 2012 and the Association for Asian Studies George McT. Kahin Prize in 2011.

His publications include Yloilo: Factional Conflict in a Colonial Economy, Iloilo Province, Philippines, 1937-1955 (1977), Philippine Cartoons (1985), Anarchy of Families (1994), Closer than Brothers: Manhood at the Philippine Military Academy (2000), Lives at the Margin (2001), and Philippine Populism: Local Violence and Global Context in the Rise of a Filipino Strongman (2017).

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