Wachstumsrekorde, Armutsanstieg und ein dysfunktionales politisches System

Roundtable Discussion

The roundtable discussion aims at providing foreign experts with a realistic picture of the closely interrelated political and socio-economic situation of the Philippines and its perspectives.


Moderated by Ms. Lynda Jumilla of ABS-CBN News, the expert Philippine panel composed of Prof. Solita Collas-Monsod (University of the Philippines School of Economics), Mr. Aaron Benedict De Leon (Centrist Democratic Party of the Philippines), Prof. Ronald Mendoza (AIM Policy Center), and Prof. Edmund Tayao (Local Government Development Foundation), aimed at answering these questions:

(1) What are the Aquino Administration’s main priorities in the political and socio-economic arena?

(2) Is there a disconnect between the Aquino Administration’s main priorities and President Noynoy’s campaign promises?

(3) How successful and effective are the actions and programs implemented by the Aquino Administration in achieving its main priorities?

(4) With 2 years left in the Aquino Administration, which priorities, actions, and programs should continue and which should shift substantially? Which new actions and programs should also be given focus by the Aquino Administration?

(5) Which structural reforms not initiated until now would be necessary to make growth and democracy inclusive?

The discussion was followed by an open forum with questions from participating foreign experts.

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Asian Institute of Management, Makati City


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July 17 Roundtable Presentation Cover
July 17 Roundtable

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