Accounting for Nature

Webinar Series on Biodiversity in Asia-Pacific

Ahead of the 2020 United Nations Biodiversity Conference in China in October 2021, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) and the Eco-Business will host a series of webinars to discuss the current state of biodiversity loss in Asia and the Pacific. The first webinar will address challenges in closing the finance gaps and ways to encourage investment from the public and private sector in biodiversity protection, management and restoration.


In the Asia Pacific region, biodiversity loss is closely linked to unstainable agricultural activities and deforestation. Southeast Asia has the highest rate of deforestation, followed by Africa and South America. It is well recognized that the protection of the biodiversity and ecosystems is essential to the economic development of the emerging markets in this subregion. Thus, the national governments have taken steps to mitigate the negative impacts on biodiversity, but a significant gap has been identified in finance to achieve their biodiversity targets. Policies and mechanisms to increase funding for conservation are subject to improvement. Meanwhile, compared with other regions in the world, development banks in Asia were found to be most exposed to biodiversity risks. There are increasing calls for the private sector to reassess the impact of their portfolios on biodiversity to enhance investments and actions for nature based solutions.


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  • Dr. Christian Hübner
  • Junice Yeo
    • Eco-Business
  • Gillian Parker
    • Eco-Business
  • Dr Adrian Fenton
    • WWF Singapore
  • Dr Kim Schumacher
    • Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Theresa Mundita Lim
    • ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity
  • Isabel Hoffmann
    • Capitals Coalition

Dr. Christian Hübner


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