Capacity Building for the Dissemination of Climate Change Information by Media Practitioners.

Southern Region

The capacity building programme was meant to enlighten media practitioners in the southern part of Zimbabwe on climate strategy documents in place and be able to generate articles understood by the general public particularly focusing on the revised Zimbabwe Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) In specific, the workshop sought to: Build capacity of media practitioners on climate strategy documents in place as well as various climate change management initiatives with the goal of sensitizing them on the need to report extensively and intensively on the same. It equiped the media practitioners with information, knowledge and skills to understand the climate strategy documents, with a view to demystifying the same for their audience.
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Cresta Churchill Bulawayo


  • Tatenda Mutasa Tirivanhu Muhwati Lawrence Mashungu Kudzai Ndidzano Tirivanhu Muhwati Desire Nemashakwe

    Dino Ndlovu


    Deputy Project Coordinator
    EWoH2 (Women's Project) +263 24 2744602 /
    +263 24 2745395


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