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Roadmap for moving towards a circular economy - Comuna de La Pintana


The commune of La Pintana has a great challenge and it is aligned with the need to strengthen the municipality's commitment, led by the Directorate of Environmental Management (DIGA), to move towards the circular economy, despite the municipality's financial difficulties.

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In terms of local environmental management, the Municipality has proposed to make progress in the following areas in the coming years:

- Waste management and management: to advance in the sustainable management of waste, through the implementation of actions to mitigate micro dumps, environmental education and the management and treatment of household waste.

- Communal adaptation to climate change and risk management: prepare the commune to define and implement strategies for adaptation to climate change; and

- Strengthening of the communal environmental institutional framework: to strengthen the local environmental institutional framework, establishing municipal mechanisms and procedures aimed at improving current environmental conditions.

In this line, the objective of this Road Map is to visualize the minimum and necessary conditions for the commune of La Pintana to effectively move towards a circular model.

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Aracelli Ramos


Project Manager +51 1 320 2870


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