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Roadmap for moving towards a circular economy - Municipality of Cordoba

Gastronomic sector of Parque Sarmiento and Güemes in the city of Córdoba, Argentina

The focus has been on waste management in this sector, with various strategic actions designed to introduce changes in the daily management of waste in order to align it with the principles of the Circular Economy.

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This paper begins with a contextualization of Cordoba, detailing some socioeconomic data and data on the generation and management of waste in the city, key actors and the legal framework that affect the Circular Economy in the city, as well as the key elements of the territory.

Then, we move on to the development of the sheet itself, the establishment of the vision that guides the path as the proposed goal. A mapping of the Circular Economy opportunities in the sector and the barriers to their development is also carried out.

Finally, the strategic lines of action chosen are presented, with the detail of the activities to be followed, the expected time for their execution, the actors involved, to conclude with the detail of the follow-up and monitoring mechanisms.

[Available in Spanish].

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Aracelli Ramos


Project Manager +51 1 320 2870


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