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Expert talk

The role of media in the Baltics.

To trust or not to trust?

The research was conducted in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in order to understand the perceptions, trust and reliability of the media in Baltic societies.

Book presentation

Launch of the book about the relations between Latvia and Germany

On November 25, 2021 the launch of the book “2021 – Thirty Years Since the Renewal of Latvia’s and Germany’s Diplomatic Relations” will take place.

Expert conference

The Riga Conference 2021

The Riga Conference is a platform for dialogue on international security issues between leading global decision makers.


Conference "A Dream Fulfilled: Freedom and Independence"

Conference dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of the Restoration of the Independent State of Latvia


Conversation about Soviet nostalgia in festival "LAMPA"

Conversation "30 years after the collapse of the USSR. Soviet nostalgia - its political, emotional and psychological aspects"


Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation Open Day 2021

„Politics and trust“

The work of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation: focusing on participation, representation, security, and innovation.


Discussion with the German and Latvian Ambassadors

Online discussion with the German Ambassador to Latvia, Christian Heldt, and the Latvian ambassador to Germany, Inga Skujiņa


The Fight over the Melting Arctic

The Evolving Arctic Security Environment

Recently the Arctic has become a “hot” topic, as climate change is causing the melting of ice which, in turn, opens new opportunities and desires.

Live stream

Defence Policy and the Armed Forces in Times of Pandemic

Presentation of the study

We invite you to join us for a webinar with an expert panel to present the study, which aims to identify the implications of the COVID crisis for the defence sectors in several European countries, with its geographical focus being on the Baltic Sea region.

Live stream

Standing Guard

What have we learned from the Enhanced Forward Presence on NATO's Frontier?

In 2021, NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) is heading into its fourth year. Canada’s commitment as the Framework Nation for the eFP battlegroup in Latvia is currently its largest foreign military deployment. It is also one of the few overseas missions that has not been scaled back due to COVID-19.

Die Riga-Konferenz 2021

Am 15. und 16. Oktober 2021 war die lettische Nationalbibliothek Schauplatz der alljährlichen Riga-Konferenz. Die größte sicherheitspolitische Konferenz im baltischen Raum vereint seit 2006 Expertinnen und Experten aus Politik, Wissenschaft und Öffentlichkeit zu Gesprächen über aktuelle Herausforderungen der europäischen und internationalen Sicherheit. Corona-bedingt fand die Konferenz dieses Jahr im hybriden For-mat statt, mit 250 Teilnehmern vor Ort und insgesamt 150.000 Zuschauern aus 56 Ländern, die die insgesamt 12 Paneldiskussionen, 5 Side Events und 6 hochkarätigen Interviews verfolgten. Organisiert wurde die Konferenz von der Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO) sowie den lettischen Verteidigungs- und Außenministerien; die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung zählt seit der ersten Konferenz zu den wichtigsten Partnern.

Discussion discussion about Soviet nostalgia at the "LAMPA" conversation festival

Director Ivo Briedis, journalists Rita Ruduša and Eduards Liniņš engaged in a discussion about Soviet nostalgia at the "LAMPA" conversation festival.

Ilmars Znotins, Kanzlei des Staatspräsidenten der Republik Lettland

Close Partners

President of Latvia Egils Levits visits Konrad-Adenauer Foundation (KAS)

Within a framework of the State visit to Germany, Latvian President Egils Levits visits the KAS to hold conversations there this Wednesday.

Online simulation game ‘We are Europe!’

This weekend the participants of the Baltic Sea Region Young Leaders Academy took part in a two-day online simulation game ‘We are Europe!’. They discussed about the integration opportunities of the EU’s Eastern neighbors and improved their knowledge about the EU. The online simulation game exceeded the participants expectations, as they shared in their feedback.

The Riga Conference 2019

The Riga Conference is an annual meeting of regional and international experts in foreign policy and defense, academics, journalists, and business representatives, promoting the discussion and assessment of issues affecting the transatlantic community. Convening in the Latvian capital since 2006, the conference has become a recognized annual tradition in the region. At this year’s conference, amongst other things, the EU role in rise of geo-economics, security challenges in the information age and hybrid warfare, transatlantic relationship as a critical axis of global stability, relations between Russia and the West as well as prospects of Eastern Partnership countries were discussed. It took place in the National Library of Latvia with approximately 650 participants. Guests were inter alia the President of Latvia Egils Levits, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia Edgars Rinkēvičs, Federal Ministry of Defence of Germany Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and various international participants. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung was one of the partners of this event.

„Europe – Mission for our common future“ - 25 Jahre Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in den Baltischen Staaten

Am 27. September 2018 wurde in Riga das 25-jährige Jubiläum der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in den Baltischen Staaten im Beisein von rund 150 geladener Gäste gefeiert.

"The Rise of Populism: Lessons for the European Union and the United States of America"


A collection of articles combining the work of scientist from Germany, Latvia, Greece, Great Britain, France and the United States of America.

Fundamental Aspects of German Foreign Policy

Roundtable discussion

A meeting of political experts from Latvia with Knut Abraham, Head of Division, Bilateral relations with the States of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe as well as Central Asia and the Southern Caucasus, Federal Chancellery.

Filmvorführung Nemtsov

Filmvorführung mit anschließender Diskussion

Am 29.09.17 wurde auf Einladung der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung gemeinsam mit der Latvian Transatlantic Organisation sowie dem Centre for East European Studies der Film „Nemtsov“ mit anschließender Diskussion gezeigt.

Bundestagswahl 2017 in Riga

Am 24.09.2017 luden die deutsche Botschaft gemeinsam mit dem Goethe Institut und der Konrad- Adenauer-Stiftung in die Räumlichkeiten des Goethe Instituts Riga zu einem gemeinsamen Wahlabend mit Live- Übertragung ein. Unter den Gästen waren u.a. die ehemalige lettische Botschafterin in Deutschland, Elita Kuzma, der niederländische Botschafter, die französische Botschafterin sowie der irische Botschafter.