I'm both - local and foreigner

The exchange, sharing opinions and to get to know people from other cultures are important ways to reduce stereotypes in the society. Our aim is to show that refugees can feel or can be more "local” than us and that integration can work.
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Castle Park in Cēsis


Zekarias Kebraeb
Mira Tsargand
Mahers Hosins
Moderator: Jöran Steinhauer

Elisabeth Bauer

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Head of the KAS office for the Baltic States and Nordic countries

Elisabeth.Bauer@kas.de +371 67 331-266 +371 67 331-007

Una Spēlmane-Baumane

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Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Finanzen

Una.Spelmane@kas.de +371 67 331-265 +371 67 331-007

Agnese Kubliņa

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Research Assistant (parental leave)

agnese.kublina@kas.de +371 67 331-297 +371 67 331-297

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