1st Riga Freedom Film Festival

The event will gather directors and/or film-makers, actors and producers, from across the globe to present their works and ideas about political freedom. Twelve films and documentaries in total will be shown over a week-long period in May 2012.


May 12 Saturday

18.00h Grand Opening – Introductory Speeches

18.30h 15 Young by Young (195’, 8 films + 20 minute break + 7 films) with introduction by producer Ilona Bicevska and presentation of 17 directors

22.00h Opening Party at Splendid Palace New Hall

May 13 Sunday

15:00h The Other Chelsea (88’) with presentation and discussion by director Jakob Preuss

18.00h Face the Wall (85’) with presentation and discussion by director Stefan Weinert

20.30h Incendies (130’)

May 14 Monday: Comedy Night

18.00h Cuba Libre (86’) with presentation and discussion by director Raimondo Garcia

20.30h Bad Faith (88’)

May 15 Tuesday: Africa Night

18.00h An African Election (89’) with presentation and discussion by Jarreth Merz

20.30h Goodbye Bafana (118’)

May 16 Wednesday: Music Night

18.00h Disco and Atomic War (80’)

20.30h Beats of Freedom (75’) with presentation and discussion by director Wojciech Slota

May 17 Thursday

18.00h For a Moment Freedom (110’) with presentation and discussion by director Arash Riahi

20.30h Cirkus Columbia (113’)

May 18 Friday

18.00h The Red Chapel (88’)

20.30h The Island President (101’)

Closing Reception and Speeches with presentation of the Jury, Award Ceremony, and Closing Party at Splendid Palace New Hall

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Splendid Palace
Elizabetes 61,
1050 Riga
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Splendid Palace, Riga



Auftakt des Freedom Film Festivals mit Jakob Preuss und Stefan Weinert.
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Afrikanischer Abend beim Riga Freedom Film Festival: Kevin Merz präsentiert "An African Election"
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Anarchisten besetzen die kubanische Botschaft in Madrid: Raimundo Garcia stellt seinen Film "Cuba Libre" in Riga vor
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Musik macht den Unterschied: "Beats of Freedom" und "Disco and Atomic War" beim Riga Freedom Film Festival
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"15 Young by Young"
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Eröffnungsevent des Riga Freedom Film Festivals
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