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ArtIQulate #01

by Lisa Wlaschek

The magazine features articles, multimedia articles and essays from fellows and alumni of the Adenauer Fellowship.

Artiqulate #1 features reportages, photo essays, short essays, written and visual narratives, as well as linked Youtube videos from fellows of the Adenauer Fellowship.

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As the director of the KAS Media Programme Asia, Ansgar Graw, states in the introduction of the publication, "articulation" means (ref. Merriam Webster) "the action or manner of joining or interconnecting" and "the act of giving voice or expression". To interact with our peers, we articulate every day, countless times. "ArtIQulate" is a publication for the Adenauer Fellowship, created for the fellows and alumni of the Adenauer Fellowship.

The magazine opens with an article reporting about the Adenauer Media Leaders Academy 2022 (AMLA22), the yearly networking event of the Adenauer Fellowship, written by the Master of Journalism student, Ara Luna. The topics covered in the first edition of ArtIQulate range from Deadly Superstitions—abuse against women in a modern-day witch hunt in Nepal, Manila’s informal Economy in garlic-peeling, a scenery and overview of Bangladesh’s public toilets (and their consequences!), the description of a career path from a drug dealer to an app developer, to "the Festival of Colors" in Bangladesh. 

Featured authors are: Gopashis Biswas G.Son, Ziaul Haque, Khawaza Main Uddin, Nahid Hasan, Monon Muntaka Shova from Bangladesh; Nabin Barral, Ramu Sapkota, Sonam Lama Hyolmo, and Bashant Khadka from Nepal; Faisal Magray and Adrija Saha from India; and Ara Luna, Rio Tuasikal, Arjay L. Balinbin, Geela Garcia, as well as Rosette Adel from the Philippines.

Each author has her or his own interactive profile with contact options: email, websites, social media handles in the magazine. ArtIQulate was born with the wish to create a stronger network for the fellows of the Adenauer Fellowship, and journalists from Asia. 

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Ansgar Graw


Director Media Programme Asia +65 6603 6181 +65 6227 8343


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