Single title

Social Media and Elections in Asia-Pacific

by Alastair Carthew, Simon Winkelmann

The Growing Power of the Youth Vote

“Social Media and Elections in Asia-Pacific - The Growing Power of the Youth Vote” is a compilation of 10 chapters covering eleven nations in which our contributors from Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand (Australasia), South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan examine trends and outcomes surrounding recent elections in these countries.

Contributions by: Ibrahim Suffian (Malaysia); Dr Norman Abjorensen (Australia); David Black, Arina Dafir, Philip Behnke (Singapore); Primastuti Handavani (Indonesia); Noppadon Kannika (Thailand); Park Han-na, Yoon Min-sik (South Korea); Alan Fong (Taiwan); Stephen Mills (New Zealand); Vladymir Licudine, Christian Michael Entoma (Philippines); Nalaka Gunawardene, Chanuka Wattegama (Sri Lanka).

Topics include:

• Use of social media surrounding elections

• Digital electioneering

• How social media can make a difference

• How important is voting to young people?

• Detailed polling of political trends