Event Reports

News Planning in Digital Newsrooms

by Torben Stephan

ANN’s Lessons From Previous Collaboration Efforts and Steps Moving Forward

16 editors of the Asia News Network (ANN) – longstanding partner of the KAS Media Programme Asia – gathered in Singapore to discuss future ideas to ensure a smoother collaboration process. They were joined by Michael Ludewig, Managing Editor of the Swiss Blick Group, who provided an outsider’s perspective through his workshop.

The "News Planning in Digital Newsrooms" seminar saw a strong group of Asia News Network (ANN) members gather in Singapore for a three day workshop. The seminar gave participants the opportunity to iron out certain structural issues and layout an ideal framework for their future cooperation that would function well for all the different publications.

The first day of the seminar was also reserved for the formal establishment of ANNXchange (ANNX) and to discuss a three year plan for the ANN Website. The remaining two out of the three days saw Michael Ludewig, Managing Editor of the Swiss Blick Group, conduct a workshop for the participants. The workshop focused primarily on methods of planning news within the network’s virtual desk, organizational and editorial principles, and opportunities to better present everyone’s perspective.

Participants also presented stories from their respective countries that went viral. By this practical approach, ANN members were able to find common ground in their respective coverage and possibilities for future projects that could be written and presented as a uniquely Asian perspective.


Torben Stephan