Event Reports

Young Leader's Forum

Vision Asia: Imagine . . . 2015

Young Leaders from all over Asia discussed about future aspects of Asia in politics, economics, media, arts and culture. Two days of highly qualified lectures, i.e. from His Excellency Tan Sri Musa Hitam, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, on the political future of this region, and intense discussions casting a light on the expectations, hopes and fears of Young Leaders for their respective countries and thus, the region are summarized in this book.

37 invited participants from as far as India in the West and Japan in the East, China in the North and Indonesia to the South had the challenging task of imagining Asia ten years from now. Through the open sharing of knowledge and the assessment of current trends in the fields of Asian politics, economics, culture and the media, the participants engaged in stimulating dialogues and provided realistic projections into the future.

With the combined experience, expertise and vision of the five distinguished guest speakers, the fourteen senior members of the world’s largest news network, the Asia News network, and the eighteen young leaders, discussions were lively, insightful and well-informed.

(From the foreword)