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Nigeria Press Review

29.09. – 06.10.2023

Welcome to Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Nigeria Weekly Press Review

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The weekly press review seeks to explore and keep you informed on selected issues relating to politics, business and economy, insecurity, infrastructure and development, health related issues, new trends and matters bothering on the overall situation in Nigeria.


This week's content

  • Nigerian Currency Listed as Worst Performing in Africa, Global Vaccine Alliance to Counter Diphtheria Outbreak, Controversy over President Tinubu’s Academic Certificate Submitted to INE

  • President Tinubu Lauds Founding Father’s Dedication and Leadership at the 63rd Independence Day, Organized Labor Suspends Nationwide Strike, Senate Confirms Three Minister-Nominees, First-Time Senators Barred from Contesting for Presiding Officer Positions

  • Insecurity: Fire at Illegal Oil Refining Site Takes 35 Lives, Gunmen Invade Violent-Torn Area and Kill 9 Residents

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About this series

Here you can find the press reports from the Nigeria Office.

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