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Module 2 - Strengthening the school council of SUGS Orce Nikolov

This pilot project is implemented by Konrad Adenauer Foundation and it aims to build the capacity of the high school students to create their own sustainable council within the school system and act as multipliers.

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The second module of the project will be a simulation process where 20 students will have the chance to advocate for a pressing issue within their council and play roles of representatives of the students, professors and board members of the school.

Previously, one other module was implemented

MODULE 1 (22-23 April) - focusing on youth participation and engagement

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Johannes D. Rey

Johannes D. Rey (2020) kas

Head of the KAS office in Kasachstan +7 7172 92 50 31

Sandra Koljackova

Ansprechpartner Mazedonien

Programme Manager +389 2 3217 075

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