Study and Information Program

"Left Behind" - The Attitude of Palestinian Youth towards Politics

Dialogue Program

On August 23rd, 2017, we will host a group of young RCDS representatives. They will meet with political and social representatives, with a special focus on youth and students engagement in politics.


The RCDS is the student association of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Germany. It is the largest and oldest political student association in Germany.

Six young representatives are visiting the Palestinian Territories and Israel to get a better picture of the political and social trends on both sides. The visit is guided by the belief that contacts on the Palestinian and Israeli sides are needed to reach a peaceful agreement. The dialogue program includes an overview of the local perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the perception of youth - in particular students- about regional and internal challenges.

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East Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Bethlehem


  • Marc Frings
    • Ehab Bseiso
      • Besan Abu-Joudeh
        • Derrar Ghanem
          • Dina Zabaneh
            • Oday Abu-Karsh
              • Rami Naser Eddin
                • Khalil Shikaki
                  • Muna Nassar
                    • Malak Hassan
                      • Fadi Quran and Salem Barahmeh.