Event Reports

Consumer Protection: Reality and Responsibilities

To what extent and through what measures are Palestinian consumers protected by law?

The Institute of Law at Birzeit University organized a legal encounter in Gaza-City featuring the legal advisor Maan Atrash to discuss the realities and responsibilities of consumer protection in Palestine.

Alatrash opened the meeting by reviewing the Consumer Protection Law No. (21) and addressed the general principles of consumer rights. He then raised awareness for the important role of specialized entities such as the Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection, which aims to protect consumer rights by participating in the formulation and coordination of the relationship between all parties concerned with consumer protection. The speaker further referred to the Public Health Law No. (20), explaining that the law provided penalties for wrongdoing. Atrash also touched on the duties of the Consumer Protection Department in practice like the follow-up of complaints, control and inspection of goods, control of prices, and fight of fraud, monopoly cases and exploitation. At the end of the meeting, the floor was opened for a lively discussion.