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Corporate Social Responsibility in Palestine

Local experts discuss the social responsibility of the private sector institutions in Palestine

The Institute of Law at Birzeit University held a legal encounter in Birzeit featuring Raed Halas, an economic researcher at the Palestine Planning Center, and Ghassan Abuhatab, the project coordinator at Birzeit’s Center for Development Studies for the Gaza Strip.

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Halas introduced the audience to the topic by defining the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He then pointed out that the business sector owes a moral responsibility to the society and to its sustainable development. The researcher also mentioned the importance of social responsibility projects amid the economic wrongdoings and its negative implications on societies. Moreover, he explained how the private sector drives economic growths and enhances employability.

Later, Abuhatab complemented Halas’ explanations by presenting the four key challenges the Arab world suffers from: social underdevelopment and social marginalization, economic underdevelopment and lack of employment opportunities, political and governance underdevelopment, and environmental underdevelopment and lack of resource distribution.

At the end of the encounter, the participants agreed that there are missing legislative, organizational and institutional frameworks to enhance corporate social responsibility among the Palestinian private sector.

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