Build Palestine

Event Reports

Crowdfunding in Palestine: Lessons Learned

BuildX Social Entrepreneurship Series

The BuildX Social Entrepreneurship Series provides a platform for our partner’s community to learn about social entrepreneurship, exchange knowledge, and collaborate with each other to build a better future. The topic of this session was crowdfunding. The following questions were discussed: What is crowdfunding? Can you crowdfund in Palestine? How do you run a successful campaign?

Four speakers with a background in crowdfunding took the stage to speak about their experiences and to share lessons learned with the audience. Each speaker took three minutes to introduce a concrete case study and to explain the takeaways from running a successful campaign. The speakers highlighted especially the need of a multi-talented team, confidence in their own ideas and a well-organized public outreach strategy. After each presentation the stage was opened to the audience to ask further questions. A big thank you goes to the four speakers: Sameer Khraishi from Amoro, Jack Rabah from Taawon Association, Shadan Nassar from Shadana Yoga and Mohammad Rabah from Bair Byout (LARP).

Audience listening to the crowdfunding experts.
Derrar Ghanem, outreach officer of our partner Build Palestine, moderates the session