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The Institute of Law completes a series of Training Sessions on Local Elections

As part of the project entitled “ Enhancing Democracy: Local Elections”, funded by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Ramallah, the Institute of Law at Birzeit University has completed eight training sessions covering different parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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The trainings focused on two themes, namely: “Oversight of Local Elections” that was introduced in four trainings covering north, middle and south of the West Bank and a fourth training in Gaza. This part was attended by many civil society representatives with approved observer’s status by the Central Elections Commission. The purpose of the training was to promote the role of civil society organizations in observing local elections for the purpose of ensuring their transparency and integrity.

The other theme “Electoral Challenges: Local Elections”, was also covered in four trainings held in the north, middle and south of the West Bank, as well as in Gaza. Participants included lawyers and other legal practitioners to build their legal capacity to oversee the legality of the election process of local councils in its different phases, starting with the advertisement of the electors’ registry until the announcement of the final results of voting.

At the end of the trainings, participants received certificates of acknowledging of their participation.

Mr. Fayez Bkeirat, Head of the Legislative Support Unit at the Institute of Law, explained that, in addition to these trainings, the project also includes the preparation of three brochures entitled respectively:

•“Oversight of Electoral Process and its principles and procedures”;

•“Electoral Challenges and their procedures and management”

•“Rights, Obligations of Local Authorities’ Members”.

All three brochures will be distributed upon their publication to different civil society organizations, universities and legal institutions in the West Bank and Gaza.

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