Event Reports

PPU-Hebron: Environmental Policies in the Palestinian Territories

On May 10, 2012 the Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) in Hebron hosted in cooperation with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Ramallah a panel with the title “The Environmental Policies in Palestine”. The conference intended to reflect the current state of environmental protection in the Palestinian Territories and to show new development possibilities.

In front of an attentive audience of students and experts the panellists discussed how to foster an environment-friendly awareness in politics, science, economy and society. Ahmad Tamimi, University Graduates Union (UGU) Board of Trustees Chairman, invoked in his speech to protect the unique flora and fauna of his home county and emphasized the positive effects of environmental protection improving his fellow countrymen’s well-being. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Masri, PPU-President, fell in line with Mr. Tamimis plea and praised the European Union (EU) and Germany for their role model function in terms of environmental protection. However, despite several successes, the conference participants agreed on the fact that further measures and efforts are indispensable. Relating to this, the Deputy Chairman of the Environmental Quality Authority highlighted four immanent issues: Such as the advancement of a legal framework, environmental awareness within the society, strategic environmental thinking, and efficient coordination of all involved institutions.

Felix Dane, the head of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Ramallah, shared with the audience Germanys eco-political experiences. His core message was: Economic growth is reconcilable with environment protection. As an example, he mentioned Germanys leading role in the field of renewable energies. Simultaneously, he explained four formative aspects of German environmental policy: The formation of an environment-friendly awareness in the 1970’s and 1980’s, the benefits of social market economy mechanisms for the environment, dialogue between economy, science and politics, and EU measures in order to contain transnational environmental pollution.

Finally, the conference ended with a presentation by Hamdi Tahboub, Deputy Manager of the Ahli Hospital Wind Energy Project, which stressed the necessity of sophisticated environmental planning and management.

More than seventy guests attended the session and listened curiously to the panellists. Lively discussions and questions from the floor enhanced the event and illustrated the vast interest of Palestinians in environmental topics.

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