Event Reports

Promoting Good Governance Through Empowering Media Students: A Critical Reading of Print Media

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) and The Palestinian Initiative for the promo-tion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (Miftah) are conducting the project “Promoting Good Governance Through Empowering Media Students: A Critical Reading of Print Media” throughout the year 2010.

The project aims at promoting critical analysis among media students towards the print media outlets. The project targets foremost media students who do not work as a journalist in the print media yet. The students are chosen through universities, schools and colleges who teach media studies. The project will hold five sessions in this year, in three universities.

On the Tuesday, 6th of April Miftah together with KAS conducted the first presenta-tion of the first Media Monitoring Report and Panel Discussion in Ramallah. Dr. Lily Feidy, Secretary General of Miftah and Felix Dane, Representative to the Palestinian Automomous Territories of the KAS Ramallah, welcomed everyone and hope that this project will increase the quality of the print media in the future.

Subsequently, with the help of three case studies, three aspects were presented and highlighted. First of all, that the headline should be more informative and objective and less inciting. Secondly, the choice of words and terminology matters and is thus very important. And last but not least, when writing, the students shall always keep in mind that not only Palestinian read their articles but everyone in the world, especially in the Arab World.

After the presentation from Miftah the media students had a lively discussion about the critical analysis of the media.