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"Public Sector Anti-Corruption Risk Management Manual"

by Abeer Zaghari

Expert Talk

The Palestinian Academy for Integrity held a workshop in partnership with KAS and in collaboration with the Anti-Corruption Commission to discuss the draft of the first Arabic "Public Sector Anti-Corruption Risk Management Manual."

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A group of experts and representatives of a number of governmental institutions, NGOs, universities and donors joined the workshop to discuss the draft. 

The manual is a promising effort to develop a systematic framework to manage corruption risks within public institutions in Palestine.

Our cooperation with the Palestinian Academy for Integrity (NAZAHA) has started since 2017. NAZAHA works on shaping and advancing a new generation of anti-corruption specialists at the academic and supervisory forefronts. In addition, the Academy aims to introduce a novel anti-corruption approach through specialized education programs, research and studies. Therefore, the manual has been introduced as a tool to combat corruption in the public sector. 

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Abeer Zaghari

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