Event Reports

Statehood Ramifications on Palestine and the Palestinians

Local and international academics and law professionals discuss the ramifications consequences on the Palestinian Statehood project

For one day, the Institute of Law and the Department of Law and Public Administration at Birzeit University and the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Aristotle University jointly conducted a legal encounter to shed light on the Statehood ramifications from a social, economic and political perspective.
During the first session, the topic of citizenship in a Palestinian State and the residing challenges of human rights in Palestine have been discussed. Later, human rights violations by the Israeli authorities, including violations of the rights of political prisoners such as force-feeding and forced displacement of Palestinians have been addressed. The day was concluded by introducing into the problematic aspects of the statehood project in connection to foreign aid providers and donor’s policies, and a critical approach to modernity and national unity in regard to the Palestinian statehood.