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The Palestinian Vision Organization's project 'Sijal' works with Youth in Jerusalem

by Abeer Zaghari

PalVision launches Workshops for Jerusalem's Youth Advocacy Group

The project equipped targeted Jerusalemite youth with knowledge, skills and tools to advocate for their opinions and views publicly. As a result, youth ‎were empowered by undertaking 55 hours of capacity building trainings that focused on political aspects, they were able to present their views and raise awareness on priority issues through designing and implementing one scaled up campaign that focused on improving civil society organizations in Jerusalem, write three position papers, and launch a conference with the attendance of Palestinian and international duty bearers, media, Palestinian youth from East Jerusalem, and community members from all around Palestine.

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The overall goal of the project to enable youth from youth organizations to express their opinions and demands vis-à-vis politics publicly, the contribution to the objective was made possible through giving Palestinian youth the opportunity to express their political opinions by enabling them to pursue advocacy campaigns and providing an open space to engage with duty bearers.

Through conducting several activities, the project reached 300 people who participated in accountability sessions, awareness sessions, and in the launching event.These stakeholders can be categorized as: members of CSOs (civil society organizations) and NGOs in EJ (East Jerusalem), boardmembers of EJ CSOs, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Jerusalem, Higher Council for Youth and Sports, and the Commission against Settlements and the Wall.

The implemented activities included: 
  1. A 55 hour long capacity building training that focused on political aspects. 
  2. A large-scale opinion survey concerning political participation in East Jerusalem. 
  3. Writing of three position papers which aimed at raising awareness about the role of CSO's and find means to enhance transparency. 
The topics included: 
  •  Sustainable development as an objective to civil society.
  • Monitoring civil society institutions.
  • Institutional structure.

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