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Veranstaltungsreport: Unterstützung der Erneurbaren Energie - Unterstützung der Kooperation

Israelisch-Palästinensischer Delegationsbesuch in den USA: Ideen für die Lösung des Energieproblems

Dieser Veransstaltungsbericht liegt bisher nur in englischer Sprache vor. Die deutsche Version wird demnächst veröffentlicht.

Dealing with topics related to climate change and renewable energy has become a top priority within the framework of German development cooperation. Ac-cordingly, the Washington Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) hosted a study trip of Israeli and Palestinian en-ergy experts to the United States.

Major goal of this journey were to facilitate a know-how transfer, as well as to gain in-sights into the application possibilities of renewable energies (RE) from a technologi-cal, an economic and a legal point of view. The two KAS offices in Israel and the Pales-tinian Territories contributed to the imple-mentation of this project.

Already in fall 2010, KAS Israel had organ-ized a seminar on renewable energy with Israeli and Palestinian energy consultants and engineers in Cadenabbia, Italy. In order to build on the good spirit of that seminar and to strengthen Israeli and Palestinian capacities in the field of energy policy, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung wanted to follow up on earlier ideas.

Nadine Mensel