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Training: Climate and sustainable development policy for young politicians

A training organized by KAS REMENA in partnership with the student organization of RNI was held in Casablanca on Thursday 27 April. The event brought together young Moroccans to discuss issues of sustainable development and climate change, and how politically active youth can contribute to addressing these challenges.

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The first part of the training focused on presenting key concepts of sustainable development. Participants engaged in a lively discussion on current challenges related to sustainable development and climate change. The speaker and participants also analyzed the impacts of unsustainable development on society and the environment. Examples of best practices in sustainable development were presented to inspire participants; while an analysis of the current situation of sustainable development and related legal frameworks in Morocco was also to provide local context to the discussion. During group sessions, the participants developed ideas and strategies on possible solutions to current challenges on the local level in Morocco.

The second part of the training focused on political advocacy techniques. The trainer highlighted the importance of political engagement in establishing sustainable development policies and gave concrete examples to illustrate the strategic planning of political advocacy for sustainable development. Participants also discussed different approaches to adopt depending on the local political environment.

During the training, the speakers emphasized the importance of active participation of youth in sustainable development and climate change. They encouraged participants to engage more in their communities and work together to promote a common vision of the future.

Participants expressed their enthusiasm for the training and their desire to continue their commitment to sustainable development and climate change. The organizers, who emphasized the importance of this type of training for young political leaders in Morocco, expressed their hope to see participants use the knowledge gained to promote sustainable development policies in their communities and beyond.

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