Event Reports

Young, energetic and open minded

Youth organization members of the Bosniak Party of Montenegro in debate with our trainee

During the process of Montenegro's EU integration, the common understanding of youth within Europe is of particular importance. For this reason, Friedrich von Wulffen, intern of the KAS Belgrade, exchanged views on the possibilities of political participation for young people on 16th of July 2018.

In a casual atmosphere they exchanged opions on views of their common generation with young politicians of the youth organization of the Bosniak Party Montenegro on the. Together they took a close look on the different ways and means of school and community political engagement in Germany, as well as at the youth organizations of the parties and the churches as a political medium.

In the ensuing discussion between Sead Sahman, Norbert Beckmann-Dierkes, Amale Babacic, Anesa Ramovic, Mevludin Dizdarevic, Mirza Medunjanin and Friedrich von Wulffen, many similarities between the Montenegrin and German youth were found. In both countries, the parties' youth organizations are a crucial political factor as a means of participation. Most young people also use social media as their main source of information. In addition to that, Anesa Ramovic emphasized the importance of the parties' youth organizations as a social meeting place with topics beyond politics, as well as a place for friendships. Finally, the challenges and opportunities in the work of these organizations were discussed.