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Here you will find all English publications of the Empirical Social Research team including the evaluations and results of our surveys.




Viola Neu/Sabine Pokorny: Analysis of the Bundestag election in Germany on 26 September 2021, September 2021

Viola Neu/Sabine Pokorny: Electorate survey prior to the Federal Elections in 2021, July 2021

Viola Neu: Democratic Attitudes and Voting Behaviour, February 2021

Viola Neu: The Voter’s Heart, February 2021

Sabine Pokorny/Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff: What Unites the Society of Immigration, January 2021




Jochen Roose: Conspiracy in Crisis, December 2020

Dominik Hirndorf: Let's talk about politics!, October 2020

Dominik Hirndorf: United in Faith?, October 2020

Jochen Roose: They are everywhere, September 2020

Jochen Roose: The Economy is home, June 2020



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Dr. Viola Neu


Deputy Head of Division Analysis and Consulting,
Head of Department Electoral and Social Research +49 30 26996-3506

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