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Reformism, Corruption and Dissidence: An essay on Post-Arab Spring Restructuring of the Political

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KAS Policy Paper Dez 2020 - Beschreibung der politischen Kultur in Marokko nach dem arabischen Frühling in 2011. In englischer Sprache.
This paper is a review and a reflection of the development of state and society interactions in Morocco in post Arab spring; it covers the interaction of collective as well as individual (non)movements in a period where Morocco lives under political restructuring, liberal opening and digital impact on society by the use of internet and social media. The paper analyses facts, interactions and topics which produced a new culture of doing politics in Morocco, the (non) social movements and their impacts on both institutional politics and policy reforms. It covers how 20 February movement impacted the constitutional reform in 2011; how (non)movement individuals and social media fought corruption; and how political dissidence is managed in Morocco. The paper hopes to contribute a new analysis in the social movements literature by deconstructing the state/society relationships in post Arab spring Morocco. The last crackdown on journalists and freedom of expression during the post Arab spring and the COVID 19 phases, the conflict over human rights limits in Morocco and the story of spying on individuals, the return of the strong state institutions are all push factors to rethink the backbones of Moroccan political state/society dynamics. The paper brings facts, analyses and highlight taboos and flaws in this complex relationship between society and the state.