Koordinierung der National- und regionalen Regierungen auf der Klimagenda in Lateinamerika

Coordination between levels of government is a challenge in most developing countries. In the case of climate change, the uncertainties about the problem compound to make climate planning a complex challenge. Climate planning, both mitigation and adaptation, must be part of the agenda of the main economic sectors as well as local governments, and coordination between national and city governments is crucial. Cities have often been forerunners in climate planning.


Deutsch-Mexikanische Zusammenarbeit für die globale Energiewende

Policy Paper

This policy paper aims to explain the drivers of the Mexican-German strategic cooperation for a global energy transition policy. Mexico has started its path towards energy transition while countries like Germany have already experience down the road. Therefore, it is convenient to learn from their challenges and opportunities, analyzing the similarities and differences with those countries so that Mexico can move forward more confidently towards its transition. Mexico should continue with the energy reform and private participation in the oil and gas sectors to attract more investment to the country. Strengthening the financial situation of Pemex is a requirement to contemplate new investments in refining. Attracting talent and investments is crucial for the Mexican energy sector’ competitiveness. This policy paper analyzes the Mexico-Germany strategic alliance´s benefits; common objectives pursued on a worldwide scale; and opportunities and challenges for Mexico in energy transition. In the end, policy recommendations are provided.


Energie- und Klimapolitik in Lateinamerika nach 2018

von Christian Hübner

Das Wahljahr 2018 in Lateinamerika könnte vor allem mit Blick auf die kommenden Regierungen in Mexiko und Brasilien den Klimamultilateralismus schwächen.


El comercio internacional, propiedad intelectual, biodiversidad y cambio climático: convergencias y retos

Boletín y Política Comercial y Ambiental N°4

Cuarto número de la serie "Boletín de Política Comercial y Ambiental" del Programa EKLA de la Fundación Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung y la Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (SPDA)


Blockchain Contributions for the Climate Finance

von Leonardo Paz Neves , Gabriel Aleixo Prata

Introducing a Debate

Encouraged by the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement recognition of the importance that technology has on mitigation and adaptation, and their call for the critical rolethat innovation has to foster and enable those technological solutions, a variety of actors has searched for alternatives. The Distributed Ledger Technologies (among which Blockchain has gained worldwide recognition) is undoubtedly one of the forerunners in this process. This report hopes to foster an informed debate in order to demystify some general ideas regarding the technology and to deepen the level of the debate.


Policy Brief

von Mariana Nicolletti , Guilherme Lefàvre , Betania Ap. Perboni Vilas Boas , Gustavo Velloso Breviglieri

Carbon Pricing Instruments in Latin America

Throughout this policy paper, we expect to provide a coherent narrative, tying together an impressive array of concepts and ideas regarding the use of Carbon Pricing Instruments (CPIs) in Latin America. At the end, we propose some key messages and recommendations.


Claves para entender las finanzas climáticas

von Andrea García Salinas


Elaborado por la Organización Climate Tracker


Policy Brief on Trade and Environmental

Trade and Climate Change: Issues for the G20 Agenda

Third policy brief of the series “Trade and Environmental Policy” of the EKLA Program of Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation and the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law


Cambio Climático para Comunicadores

Seminario Internacional

Libro que compila los dos días de seminario de la actividad realizada bajo el mismo nombre junto con la Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación, Turismo y Psicología de la Universidad de San Martín de Porres.


Comercio Internacional y Medio Ambiente

Comercio Internacional y Biodiversidad :¿Complementariedad o conflicto?

Segundo número de la serie "Boletín de Política Comercial y Ambiental" del Programa EKLA de la Fundación Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung y la Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (SPDA)