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Research Report: The Kenyan Digital Economy

The research report on Kenya’s digital economy presents a brief history of the events and technological developments that lead to and shaped the digital revolution in Kenya since the 1990s until today. What follows is a collection of different measures of the digital economy in Kenya. Despite greatly varying estimates depending on data source and methodology, the general picture that emerges is that Kenya’s ICT sector is smaller than in most developed but larger than in many developing countries and has accounted for a substantial share of Kenya’s economic growth in the last 15 years, outperforming all other sectors in terms of GDP growth. The sub-sectoral analysis reveals that the internet access, mobile money, IT hardware and audio and video content (incl. broadcasting) markets are the largest sub-sectors.


Kampf der Korruption in Kenia

by Jan Cernicky, Thomas Tödtling

PR-Maßnahme oder langfristige Strategie?
Korruption ist in den vergangenen Monaten das zentrale Thema in der politischen Diskussion Kenias. Präsident Kenyatta hat einen „war on graft“ ausgerufen, der in den Medien als zentraler Bestandteil seiner letzten Amtszeit verstanden wird. Öffentlichkeitswirksam wurden illegal errichtete Gebäude abgerissen. Alle öffentlichen Angestellten müssen sich einem demütigenden „livestyle audit“ unterziehen, in welchem Ihre Vermögenssituation untersucht wird. Die Motive für dieses Vorgehen sind dabei unklar. Arbeitet der Präsident wirklich an seinem politischen Vermächtnis, zwingt die desaströse finanzielle Lage die Regierung zum Durchgreifen, oder ist alles eine geschickt inszenierte PR-Kampagne, der ein Machtkampf innerhalb der Regierung zugrunde liegt?


Strengthening the concept of Early Warning & Early Action for Disaster Risk Reduction & Food Security

This publication is a summary of seven discussion papers generated from successful applicants who submitted their discussion papers in respond to a call for papers by KAS. The publication begins by setting the geographical and social cultural context of Baringo and West Pokot counties. The main aim of this call for papers was to help refine existing knowledge on early warning within the area of food security in Baringo and West Pokot Counties.


KAS Study on Use of Early Warning Systems & Integration of Data in Political Planning in West Pokot and Baringo Counties

This report is an account of a baseline study carried out in West Pokot and Baringo Counties on the utilization of EWS information in political planning by KAS. The study was informed by the fact that food emergency needs persist in the ASAL counties of Kenya despite availability of EWS data. The study thus, sought to investigate the notion that EWS information is not adequately incorporated in political planning.


Kenia: Historischer Handschlag mit Folgen

by Jan Cernicky, Thomas Tödtling

Am 9. März kam es in Kenia zum überraschenden „Handshake“ zwischen Präsident Uhuru Kenyatta und Oppositionsführer Raila Odinga. Während einige Effekte bereits sichtbar und spürbar sind, bleiben die konkreten mittel- und langfristigen Folgen dieser politischen Übereinkunft unklar.


Wie viele Präsidenten braucht ein Land?

by Jan Cernicky

Kenia nach der „Vereidigung“ Raila Odingas
Die Wahlen in Kenia sind vorbei. Zwar laufen noch gerichtliche Anfechtungen einiger Gouverneurswahlen, doch die Wahlergebnisse sind bekannt und bestätigt. Trotzdem ist bisher keine Ruhe eingekehrt: Die Opposition um Raila Odinga erkennt die Wahl Uhuru Kenyattas weiterhin nicht an; am 30. Januar ließ sich Raila Odinga als parallelen Präsidenten Kenias vereidigen.



KAS in partnership with Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) facilitated an induction workshop of Kenyan women Members of Parliament and women representatives held in Naivasha on 11th to 14th January 2018. Other partners included UN Women, USAID Kenya, Kenya Human Rights Commission and Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA). The induction workshop centered on effective women legislation including the opportunities and challenges encountered therein. Election of new officials for KEWOPA and 11th Parliament lessons for women representation were among the agenda items discussed.


Creating awareness for communities to lobbying National and County Governments to adopt problematic regulations in West

by Edwin Adoga Ottichilo

Series of county level trainings on land laws and their applications in the area of food security and DRR have been done in the recent past by KAS and other partners targeting the government and non-governmental actors in the two counties. Nonetheless, the need to amplify these trainings at the community level has emerged as an important step in wide spreading public awareness on emerging issues. On a different note, community training approach is becoming more useful in connecting lobbying and advocacy efforts at the county level with practical evidences at the community level.
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