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Speech by Horst Koehler, former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, at the conference 'Cooperation and Solidarity - Opportunities for an international social market economy'.

Former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Horst Koehler, has pointed out the advantages of the Social Market Economy. During his visit in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania he said: “To preserve Africa's natural beauty and richness by internalizing all cost to it caused by economic development will be a huge, long-term investment - for the African people as well as for all mankind. And it will pay off best in my view when it is done in accordance with the principles of a Social Market Economy.”

For Koehler, Social Market Economy is not a static concept. It has to respond to constantly changing challenges e.g. to reconcile economy and ecology. The transition to a modern, successful Social Market Economy means nothing less than the transition to a new society in which Globalisation is not antagonised.

Koehler hopes that his introduction and the presentation of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation meet some curiosity in Tanzania for discussion and may contribute to help the nation to further define its own way towards a good future.

Please read the whole speech as pdf download.


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