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Anti-Corruption Manual from KAS and PCCB (Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bereau)

A manual for Trainers to create public awareness on issues pertaining corruption
Conflict prevention cover

Publication on Conflict Prevention

KAS in cooperation with IRCPT (Inter-Religious Council for Peace Tanzania) have published a booklet on peace and conflict prevention

What opportunities does the Social Market Economy offer young Tanzanians?

KAS and CETA are having radio talks about the chances and perspectives for the Tanzanian economy and youth.
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"Africa- In dialogue with the neighbouring continent"

The current issue of the magazine "Die Politische Meinung" has been published. Read more here:
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Educate and create awareness on Women´s Rights according to the Quran

ZAFELA is presenting the joint publication of KAS and ZAFELA on different community radio to talk about the book and educate listeners
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The importance of democracy and the rule of law in Tanzania

A participatory workshop was conducted at the Azania Secondary School in Dar es Salaam to talk about the different types of democracy.
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The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is a non-profit organisation from Germany. With its activities all over the world it contributes to political dialogue and the interaction between different cultures. Together with our partners we make a contribution to an international order that enables every country to develop in freedom and under its own responsibility.

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