EU-Project "Great Lakes Youth Network for Peace": Actions for Democracy and Local Governance (ADLG)

Actions for Democracy and Local Governance (ADLG) is a nongovernmental organization advocating for active citizen’s participation, local democracy and governance in Tanzania. It focuses on topics such as governance and public policy, policy and advocacy, public resources management, freedom of expression and civil rights, natural resources management and agriculture.

EU-Project "Together For Peace Zanzibar": Zanzibar Female Lawyers Association (ZAFELA)

Zanzibar Female Lawyers Association (ZAFELA) is non-profit organization established in 2003. ZAFELA’s aim is to educate Women and youth on their civil and social rights, providing counselling and creating awareness of their legal rights by providing legal aid. Furthermore, the organization acts as a forum for legal advice to governmental and non-governmental institutions dealing with the women and children.

Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo – Party of Democracy and Progress (CHADEMA)

The Party of Democracy and Progress (CHADEMA) is a center-right and second largest political party in Tanzania, founded in 1992. It campaigns on regional autonomous of self-governing states in the country. The party is committed to democratic principles, Human rights, the guaranteed Freedom of Expression, the administration of Justice and the Rule of Law. Chadema’s economic policy is based on the model of social market economy. Overall the party aims at the promotion of democracy and progress.

Chatham House

Chatham House is an independent policy institute and forum for debate and dialogue. It is an organization dedicated to the study of international affairs. Today its research and ideas aim to empower people, societies and governments to understand and adapt to change. Chatham House provides thought leadership on key issues that defined the 20th century and continues to offer solutions to global challenges.

Civic Education Forum in Tanzania (CETA)

Civic Education Forum in Tanzania (CETA) is the first Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) to be founded by civic education teachers. Prompted by the prevailing economic and political changes the country was facing and the desire for a new focus on civic education CETA was founded in 2003. CETA sees civic education as an important tool in facilitating adult citizens to meaningfully and effectively participate in social, economic, political and development decisions of their communities and the country at large from an informed point.

Cyber Lounge

Cyber Lounge forum creates a space for discussions about the ongoing political struggles for democracy, human rights and rule of law in Tanzania. For every event, political and social activists with relevant knowledge and experience of the subject matter of the topic concerned are invited, speaking to and engaging with the audience. Cyber Lounge has become a major and popular source of alternative and uncensored political news and a forum for free political debate.

Interreligious Council for Peace Tanzania (IRCPT)

The Interreligious Council for Peace in Tanzania (IRCPT) was established after several consultations, discussion and dialogue among all institutionalized and registered religious bodies of Tanzania, namely Ahamadiyya Muslim Jamaat of Tanzania, The Supreme Muslim National Council Tanzania (BAKWATA), Baraza Kuu la Taasisi za Kiislam Tanzania, Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian Council of Tanzania, Council of Pentecostal Churches Tanzania, and Hindu Council of Tanzania. The aim of IRCPT is to strengthen interfaith relations, peaceful co-existence and maintaining social stability among people of different religions and ideologies in Tanzania for sustainable peace and equitable development.

Jamii Forum

Jamii Forum is an NGO, founded in 2006, which promotes and advocates for digital and civic rights in Tanzania. It is a social network and online platform for discussions on current topics and is mainly known for enforcing accountability, transparency, good governance and digital rights.

Jumuiya ya Wanawake wa Kiislam Tanzania (JUWAKITA)

Jumuiya ya Wanawake wa Kiislam Tanzania (JUWAKITA) is an association of Muslim women with the goal of empowering women as well as securing justice for the well-being of their faith, their families and the society at large.

Kilimanjaro Consortium for Development and Environment (KCDE)

Kilimanjaro Consortium for Development and Environment (KCDE) is a non-profit organization which was established in 2018. KCDE conducts research to develop and implement innovative concepts and solutions for the sustainable use of resources. It aims at creating collective awareness among children and young people in Tanzania specifically in the areas of sustainable growth, environment and climate justice.

The Launch Pad

The Launch Pad is a non-profit organization that specifies on promoting personal and professional development by contributing to 21st century skills for youth employment and entrepreneurship. Offering Trainings, coaching and consultancy, the Launch Pad also develops innovative approaches to improving the quality of Education particularly for learners with Special Education needs and Disability.

Prevention and Combating Corruption Bureau (PCCB)

Prevention and Combating Corruption Bureau (PCCB) is the government organization established in 2007 which is given Mandate: to (a) prevent corruption, (b) educate the society, and (c) enforce the law against corruption in Tanzania. PCCB adopts the three-prong approach, namely by prevention, public awareness, investigation and prosecution of offenders.

Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa)

Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa) is a Centre of Excellence for visual and performing arts training aiming at developing and promoting Tanzanian arts and culture. TaSUBa furthermore contributes to the preservation, promotion and development of visual and performing arts within the East African Community (EAC).

Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC)

Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC), founded in 1956, is a Faith Based and highest institutional organization in Tanzania for the Catholic Church. It is a member based organization that includes all Catholic Bishops of Tanzania who guide, coordinate, facilitate and promote pastoral and social services through collaboration with the people. It engages in areas of Education, Medicine, Social Welfare, Publicity and Legal Affairs and Insurance.

University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM)

The University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) is a public university in Dar es Salaam, that was founded in 1961 as an affiliate college to the University of London. Within the partnership with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, a scholarship program in the Master's program in ethics in governance is being implemented.

Wanawake Wakatoliki Tanzania (WAWATA)

Wanawake Wakatoliki Tanzania (WAWATA) is an association of catholic women in Tanzania, who’s objective is to unite all catholic women working together in affairs concerning the church, society, politics and economics. The Union was established in 1972.

Youth Partnership Countrywide (YPC)

Youth Partnership Countrywide (YPC) is a registered CSO working on Civic and economic empowerment of female and male youths. It is a deliberate initiative designed to enable young women and men conscious of their rights and duties as well as provide opportunities for them to contribute towards Good Governance by demanding accountability while aiming at fighting poverty through entrepreneurship. Since her establishment, YPC has been working to widen the democratic space for youth participation and influence by organizing relevant trainings, dialogues and learning visits in civic engagement, accountability work, leadership skills, election support interventions and other public issues and processes.

Zanzibar Fighting Against Youth Challenges Organization (ZAFAYCO)

Zanzibar Fighting Against Youth Challenges Organization (ZAFAYCO) is a non-governmental and non-profit-making membership organization. It is dedicated to promote young people through awareness raising, capacity building and networking programs which are youth centered, environmental friendly and development oriented.