2021 KAS-EUCERS Energy Trialogue

in cooperation with the German Energy Agency (DENA), the Smart Energy Council of Australia and the Renewable Energy Institute (Japan)

the 2021 KAS-EUCERS Energy Trialogue between Australia, Germany and Japan, concerned with the emerging hydrogen economies in these countries. Whilst the focus of the first virtual seminar (a closed expert discussion) was on the 3 countries’ shared interests, the second virtual seminar focusses on one of those shared interests, namely the certification of hydrogen.


2021 KAS-EUCERS Energy Trialogue  on Hydrogen Certification
2021 KAS-EUCERS Energy Trialogue on Hydrogen Certification

The event is held in cooperation with the European Cluster for Climate, Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) at the University of Bonn/Germany. Moderated by Dr Emma Aisbett - Fellow, School of Regulation and Global Governance and Associate Director, Research, Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific Grand Challenge, Australian National University (ANU), the event features Katharina Sailer - Expert, Bioenergy and Renewable Gases from the German Energy Agency (DENA), Scott Hamilton - Senior Advisor for Hydrogen Australia and the Smart Energy Council and Dr Keiji Kimura - Senior Researcher, Renewable Energy Institute. A summary and outlook will be provided by Prof Friedbert Pflueger - former Deputy Minister (State Secretary) in the Ministry of Defence, Director, European Cluster for Climate, Energy and Resource Security, University of Bonn and Managing Partner, Bingmann & Pflueger Intl.

This event is held via Zoom (online).


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Eva Wagner

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