Contribution to the series "The World HandCOV'd"

Defence and security could – under normal circumstances – have been the areas less effected by the British exit from the EU. Brexit did not alter geography, leaving the UK as a power of great importance to European security and defence. Also, every security and defence challenge for EU member states remains strategically important to the United Kingdom. Therefore, the challenge would have been to find pragmatic solutions and policies that enable the EU member states and the UK to work together for the security of their citizens. This looks somewhat different now, no matter from which point of view we assess the situation.

Key takeaways

• The Covid-19 crisis will have dramatic long-term effects for the UK’s relationship with the European Union, including in the security realm.
• The British economy is projected to be hit particularly hard by the pandemic.
• Britain’s NATO membership cannot fully make up for the broken ties with the EU in terms of European security.
• European security cooperation will be undermined by the fact that national governments are concentrating on domestic agenda.

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