New Strategic Challenges for Europe and China

von Lutz Feldt, Dr. Claas D. Knoop, Dr. Peter Roell, Ralph D. Thiele
Die neue Studie des KAS-Büros Shanghai analysiert globale sicherheitspolitische Herausforderung im Rahmen der Weiterentwiclung der EU-China-Beziehungen. Die Autoren geben detaillierte Einblicke in die Problemlagen und leiten Empfehlungen an politische Entscheidungsträger ab.


Aus dem Vorwort:

Globalisation is connecting countries, economies and people around the globe. We all cherish and benefit from cheap goods, global tourism, cultural exchange – all linked and depending on physical and virtual strings and knots around the globe. But vulnerability of these global networks has also increased, by tradi-tional as well as by non-traditional threats: maritime terrorism, cyber attacks, climate change to name some.

In recent years developing and emerging countries have published new strategies to cope with these challenges – challenges that long for comprehensive approaches, including state actors, private enterprises and society, military and civil instruments.

The following papers analyse the aforementioned topics in the framework of evolving EU-China Relations. The studies clearly show that new efforts for cooperation between Europe and China have to be made. Afghanistan and Africa are the most challenging stages, on which China has remarkably increased its economic and political influence during the last decade.

Some of the ideas and recommendations had been discussed in two international conferences in Beijing and Hong Kong, organized by KAS Beijing and KAS Shanghai in 2011.

As diplomats and high ranking military staff members the authors provide detailed insights in newly emerging threats and national, regional and global policy regimes, and give useful recommendation for policy makers.


Ralph D. Thiele

EU-NATO-China: Perspectives of a Developing Partnership

Peter Roell

Anti-Piracy and Anti-Terrorism in the Indian Ocean: Operation Atalanta and Europe´s Contribution

Lutz Feldt

Maritime Surveillance sas a Precondition for Maritime Security - A European Approach

Claas D. Knoop

Strategic Cooperation with Africa: The Examples of China and Europe



Tim Wenniges