Politics and Ethics

von Shan Jigang, Sun Jing, Winfried Jung
Einzelpublikation, Peking, Mai 2006, Chinesisch mit englischen Abstracts, 362 Seiten.



Opening Adresses

Winfried Jung, Xie Dikun and Sun Shuhang

I Politics and Politicians

What is good politics?

Walter Schweidler

The Ethical Criteria for Good Politics

Gan Shaoping

Good or Bad Politics: From the Perspektive of the Philosophical Theory of Values

Jiang Chan & Zhou Hongyan

The Value Dimension of Good Politics

Ren Ajuan

Philosophical Reflexions on Modern Western Political Ethics

Li Pengcheng

The Politicians between Belief and Responsibility

Walter Schweidler

II The State and Citizens

Civil Liberty and Public Interests

Stephan Eisel

Karls Marx´s Legacy of Political Philosophy

Hou Cai

The Definition od Person in Political Philosophy

Han Shuifa

On the Modern Ideas of the Government

Li Yaoping & Li Yi

The Public Power and the Private Rights: A Political Ethical Examination of Social and Individual Interests

Dou Yanguo

The Mechanism and Essence of Modern Democracy: Illumination from Hobbes and Locke´s Social Contract Theories

Ouyang Ying

The State and the Nation

Wu Xiongwu

Some Remarks on the Genealogy of Contemporary Republicanism

Ying Qi

III The Present and the Future

Between Ordinary Polities and Politics for Future Generation

Klaus Steigleder

A Reflection on Dignity: From the Perspektive of Value Theory

Han Yuehong

Ethical Orientation in Making Public Sanitation Policies

Zhang Ruihong

Ethical Challenges from Science and Technology: Morality of Today or Tomorrow?

Li Deshun

A Chinese Ethical View on the Moral Status of Human Embryos for Research Use

Wang Yanguang

The Ethical Issues in die Study of High Bio-Techniques

Zhang Zhonghua

The Ethical Problems in the Application of Gene Technology

Klaus Steigleder

IV The Nation and the Globe

The Search for Universal Criteria of Justice

Elke Mack

Global Justice an It´s Possibilities

Chen Zhen

The Preconcerted Harmony: A Study Illuminated by Hegel´s Phenomenology of Spirits

Fan Hao

Hans Morgenthau´s View of Power

Zhang Yunlian

Shylock´s Failure: What Holds back the Realization of Global Justice?

Shan Jigang

Chinese Right-Protection Organizations in the Context of Global Justice

Li Erping & Zhang Xinrui

On the Rich-Poor Gap and It´s Solution

Fan Yong

Who is Responsible for Global Justice?

Elke Mack