Brief: Baltic Perspectives on Germany’s Role in NATO

Second brief in the Germany and Baltic Security Series

Together with the ICDS-International Centre for Defence and Security, we introduce a collection of policy briefs titled “Germany and the Security of the Baltic States”. The second brief, written by Justinas Juozaitis, covers how the Baltic States see Germany's role in NATO.

Photo by Norbert Braun on Unsplash


"The Baltic states want Germany’s contribution to NATO’s deterrence and defence posture to match its economic strength. They believe that Germany’s ability to provide rapid reinforcements for its easternmost allies is key to bolstering NATO’s eastern flank. Although there has been progress since 2014, the modernisation of the Bundeswehr continues to be hindered by societal and political constraints, a situation unlikely to improve during the next electoral term. With CDU/CSU no longer in office, political forces opposing larger military spending and nuclear weapons have grown stronger, further complicating defence modernisation efforts. The Baltic states are anxious to see how the new German Government, led by the social democrat Olaf Scholz, will navigate between internal pressures and commitments to NATO.", writes Justinas Juozaitis.


The publication is available for download on our website.