The African Dream Meet Inspiring Entrepreneurs on the Continent

In Africa there are many innovative entrepreneurs. Two German journalists, Sophia Bogner and Paul Hertzberg, visited some of them and put together a fascinating collection of portraits. Get inspired by their stories!
The African Dream - Meet Inspiring Entrepreneurs on the Continent
The African Dream by Sophia Bogner and Paul Hertzberg

When two young and widely travelled journalists have a dream and they knock at your door and say, please help us make this dream come true, one should listen. The dream that Sophia Bogner and Paul Hertzberg had, was to travel across the African continent and find entrepreneurs who are following their respective dreams of a particular enterprise, and a special idea against all odds.

These two excellent writers and journalists pushed on despite all odds, just like the entrepreneurs they were interviewing. And now we have this inspiring collection of portraits from all over Africa, that demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit of young and old, male and female, in African economies.

In the past couple of months, these two writers have won some prestigious journalism awards in Germany. With the English version, with all texts written for this edition, we wish to present the entrepreneurial passion that they have met on the African continent to an interested public in Africa and beyond. A truly fascinating picture – and hopefully, very inspiring to many young women and men on the African continent!


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