Legal Aspects in Dealing with the Migration and Refugee Crisis

von Iakovos Dimitriou, Martha Kontodaimon
European and international law challenges on the migration and refugee crisis were discussed and analyzed during the conference.

The unprecedented migration flows as well as asylum requests in Europe, the number of people having settled short- or midterm in Middle Eastern countries, as well as unilateral and multilateral political decisions in dealing with the migration crisis have changed the European and international migration landscape. The legal background, however – the Geneva Convention as well as the Dublin Regulations – were developed and implemented years ago, in a completely different context, and somewhat contradict current political decisions. The legal instruments as well as the framework need to be updated and reshaped in order to live up to the current realities and challenges. The purpose of this conference was to enable a targeted discussion on the current legal challenges put by the recent developments in the migration and refugee crisis in Europe.