Chaguo (Choice)


With a focus on political education in Germany and with projects in over 120 countries, KAS Kenya in partnership with Good karma fiction produced a film titled Chaguo – Love*Deceit*Politics. The overall objective of the film is to edutain the Kenyan youth and society in general on the importance of participating in politics and more so elections. It is our hope that the film will provoke some positive thoughts and attitude change towards participating in political processes. Elections are regarded as the ultimate democratic exercise, the youth being the majority making about 75% of the population in Kenya, their vote would ultimately contribute to the desired political change. We hope you enjoy the film and may it inspire you to participate in the democratic transformation of your nation.



Wendo Juma and Mugeni Magero, a young engaged couple, are our modern day African Juliet and Romeo. They come from two different tribes. The two major tribes of our unnamed African country who have been switching power between them since independence.

Mugeni comes from a wealthy family with a ruthless political legacy. Due to past misdeeds by his family because of politics, Mugeni has tried to distance himself from politics as much as he can.
Wendo is an apolitical PR manager who works for Mathew Kowa, a young political activist from a minority tribe who believes in a change in the political status quo. Wendo joined Kowa’s campaign as a regular job but then his message manages to come through and she starts to believe in his cause.
Trouble erupts as Kowa’s opponent in the fast approaching election is Njama Magero, Mugenis’s uncle. This inevitably leads to a rift between the couple and the two end up on opposite sides of the political divide. As the battle becomes hard fought and dirty, Wendo struggles with the strain her working with Kowa has put on her family and Mugeni is haunted by his family’s political legacy, jealousy of Kowa and love for Wendo.
In the end the couple come together, rejecting their families and deciding what’s most important is their love for each other and their commitment to the change they want to see in their country embodied by Kowa.

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