Civic Education for Schools and Colleges

Training Manual - Empowering School Teachers

The process of developing this manual involved a review of Daraja's Civic Education for schools and Colleges Recourse Book, - approved by the Ministry of Education, the current Kenya Primary Education Syllabus, Kenya Primary Teachers Education Syllabus and various other Civic Education ,materials, literature and training manuals with the specific objective of isolating key issues and subject matter relevant to the primary school teachers programme.
The manual is organized into 17 sessions. Each Session begins with an outline of objectives, materials, methodology, duration and activities. Each Activity is allocated a specific timeframe.


CHAPTER 1: National Integration

CHAPTER 2: Citizenship

CHAPTER 3: Constitutionalism and the Kenyan Constitution

CHAPTER 4: Governance and the Structure of Kenyan Government

CHAPTER 5: National Planning and Budget Process

CHAPTER 6: Land Ownership

CHAPTER 7: Democracy

CHAPTER 8: Elections and Electoral Process

CHAPTER 9: Human Rights

CHAPTER 10: Child Rights & Child Abuse

CHAPTER 11: The Environmental Management & Conservation

CHAPTER 12: Corruption

CHAPTER 13: Conflict Resolution & Peace Building

CHAPTER 14: HIV & Aids

CHAPTER 15: Drugs & Substance Abuse

CHAPTER 16: Gender

CHAPTER 17: International Relations