Civic Education for Schools and Colleges

A source Book I

The importance of civic education in the development of a country cannot be overemphasised. This book makes an attempt to be as comprehensive as possible on the subject of Civic Education. Among others it covers such topics as the National Integration and Unity, Constitutionalism, Citizenship, International Organisations, the Environment and such emerging issues as HIV/Aids, Drug Abuse and Child Rights. In the end, whereas this book is not exhaustive, it is comprehensive enough for use by teachers, students and the general reader alike.
CHAPTER 1: Conceptualising Civic Education

CHAPTER 2: National Integration and Unity

CHAPTER 3: Citizenship

CHAPTER 4: Constitution and Constitutionalism

CHAPTER 5: Democracy

CHAPTER 6: Human Rights

CHAPTER 7: Government and its Progress

CHAPTER 8: Public Funds and Government Resources

CHAPTER 9: Elections and the Electoral Process

CHAPTER 10: Roles and Duties of Elected Leaders

CHAPTER 11: International Organisations

CHAPTER 12: Land Tenure and Use

CHAPTER 13: The Environment and its Conservation

CHAPTER 14: Emerging Issues

CHAPTER 15: Methodology for Teaching and Evaluating Civic Education