Kenya Citizens' Handbook 2002

This handbook is a guide for all those living in Kenya. Its objective is to create a comprehensive reference manual for conscious and responsible citizenship "from the cradle to the grave". It aims to increase citizens' awareness of their responsibilities and rights under the laws in place that govern the country.


CHAPTER 1: Registration of Birth

CHAPTER 2: Registration and Procedure of Marriage

CHAPTER 3: Death and Succession

CHAPTER 4: Citizenship

CHAPTER 5: Land and Property

CHAPTER 6: Health

CHAPTER 7: Education and Training

CHAPTER 8: Motor Vehicles

CHAPTER 9: Employment

CHAPTER 10: Taxes and Statutory Contributions

CHAPTER 11: The Citizens and the Court

CHAPTER 12: The Citizens and Governance

CHAPTER 13: You and your Representatives

CHAPTER 14: Your Rights and Freedoms

CHAPTER 15: You and the Police

CHAPTER 16: you and the Provincional Administration

CHAPTER 17: Office of the Attoney-General

CHAPTER 18: Local Authorities

CHAPTER 19: Postal and Electricity Services

CHAPTER 20: Miscellaneous