The Proposed Bills on Elections; Electoral Reform or Assault on Growing Democracy?

Maendeleo Dialogue - Democracy in Tanzania Issue VII - March 2010

This publication highlights the major issues raised during a one day dialogue organized jointly by KAS and TADIP in Dar es Salaam. The aim of the dialogue was to enable people from different walks of life to discuss and make recommendations on the two proposed Bill-Electoral Laws (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act, 2009 and the Election Expenses Act, 2009.


Chapter 1: Official Opening

Chapter 2: Main Issues raised

Chapter 3: Dialogue Resolutions

Chpater4: Recommendations submitted to Parliamentary Committee


Appendix 1: Paper Presented

Appendix 2: List of Task Force Members

Appendix 3: Gazetted Proposed Bill

Appendix 4: The Election Expenses Act 2010