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2021 KAS Partners' Meeting

Presentation of 2021 Activities


Integrity Building Stories

The Philippine Integrity Circles Experience

The LoGIC Project invites you to its final conference entitled, "Integrity Building Stories: The Philippine Integrity Circles Experience."


2021 SWS Survey Review

In-depth Analysis of 2020 SWS surveys

Register now for the 2021 Social Weather Stations (SWS) Survey Review.


Narratives of the Filipino Youth amidst a Pandemic: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities

QuaranTEEN: A webinar series


Role of the Youth in the New Normal

Youth Responses to the Challenges of the New Normal


Regional Economy and Entrepreneurship

Youth Responses to the Challenges of the New Normal


The Limits of Populism during COVID-19

The Political Ramifications of COVID-19


Reimagining Governance During a Pandemic

Adapting to Broader Governance Issues and Challenges


Beyond the State: Social Service Delivery in Local Settings

PPSA-KAS Online Seminar Series


Reading the Tea Leaves: Future Developments in the Region

5th Katipunan Conference

Centrist Democratic Local Government Conference

Erstes Treffen nach den Wahlen 2010

Delegierte beschließen u.a. Öffnung für Mitglieder aller Altersklassen und die Aufnahme etablierter, reformorientierter christdemokratischer Amts- und Mandatsträger.

Workshop on Social Market Economy:

Corporate Governance and the Role of the State in Regulating National and International Financial Markets

A workshop for government agencies, relevant private institutions, select academe, and media to discuss previous and current experiences in corporate governance in financial markets

Was ist in den Wahlen von 2010 neu?

Präsentation von Rene Sarmiento, Leiter der philippinischen Wahlkommission, während des KAS-Partner Workshops am 22-23. September 2009 im Mandarin Oriental. Die Praesentation stellt die Veraenderungen im Wahlvorgang, besonders den Wechsel hin zu den automatischen Wahlmaschinen, dar, welche in den Präsidentschaftswahlen 2010 angewandt werden.

Social Market Economy

Presentation of Dr. Dieter W. Benecke during his lectures on Social Market Economy throughout the Philippines in May 2009.

Speech, Klaus Preschle, 16th ESEANET International Conference

Speech of Mr. Klaus Preschle, KAS Country Representative to the Philippines, during the 16th ESEA Conference held in Olongapo City


Press and media kit for the exhibition, WORLD RELIGIONS, UNIVERSAL PEACE, GLOBAL ETHIC. Includes a press release, exhibition dates, and graphic materials.

New SWS Survey on Political Parties

4th quarter 2006 SWS Survey on Political Parties from November 24-29, 2006

The SWS Survey on Political Parties was presented to the public on March 8 at the Diamond Hotel. The keynote speech was delivered by Senator Richard Gordon while a panel of expert discussants which include former Congressman Florentino Abad, columnist Alex Magno and Executive Director of the Institute of Political and Economic Reforms (IPER) Mr. Ramon Casiple discussed the results in relation with an electoral reform study by Prof. Dr. Clarita Carlos from the Center for Asia Pacific Studies (UP).

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